On being young in Pakistan

I have only three words, simply a blessing. Yes, it is simply a blessing to be young in Pakistan. Surprised, huh? Then tell me, where can you get away with breaking a signal? Pakistan. Where can you get a degree form the most reputed educational institutions without even studying a word? In Pakistan. Where can you see drivers as young as 12 driving like crazy on the roads? I hear you say Pakistan.

The young is free in Pakistan, free to do anything he pleases. He can experience various things which I pity that youngsters from other countries are denied (like the ones mentioned above). He/she is pampered by parents and flattered by friends. His/ her parents live to provide him the best in life, the best school, the best tutors, the best clothes, the best toys, the best everything for that matter. So what, if the sweet angel child turns out to be a snob in future?

Come to education and it’s really a blessing to be in Pakistan. Jokes apart, but as an avid supporter of piracy, I feel as if every one should be given a chance to study in Pakistan. Pirated books and pirated software all help our students to get a chance to study (it is up to them to avail this chance).

Pakistan also believes in self reliant people. Given the state of educational institutions, apart from a 1% or 2% of teachers, most are not even willing to teach properly, let alone update themselves. This teaches students to become self reliant, to study themselves, and gain knowledge. Where else can you get people who can yield the best results with minimum available resources?

You don’t really need to pay your taxes, given you are somehow related to an influential personality, which, now that I come to think of it, every other person in Pakistan already is; remember hearing something like my mother’s best friend’s husband’s brother’s father-in-law is something big in KESC (or whatever). You don’t need to have driving skills to have a driving license. The same someone’s father-in-law can come to your rescue, does anything happen.

The young in Pakistan don’t need to go to a police station to be investigated; this duty is performed very effectively by the scores of aunts present in any family. Really these dames can serve better in FBI.

Making a line outside an office or bank etc. is an offense in Pakistan. You try to talk about it and you will be quieted down by the rest of the people. We believe in justice, if one gets late in submitting or getting anything, so should others, why relieve others by forming a line?

We also love practical jokes here in Pakistan. You surely would have heard about vacancies being announced but jobs being assigned before the announcement? See, a practical joke.

We want our people to be very hardworking and busy, so we don’t offer jobs to everyone, we keep them busy in the search for it, then more search and then more, and then tell them they are good for nothing since they haven’t been able to land up in a job just after graduation. We also expect that every person applying for a certain job will have a certain amount of experience and won’t be a fresh graduate at any point in his/her life.

We also tend to look down upon people who can’t find a job, and then look down more when they land up in a job not up to their caliber or their status. Why in the whole wide would anyone want to be a salesman going door to door after doing his MBA/BE/BS/etc?

We do not want people to be unhappy, so we keep our cities in country like conditions, so that people coming from the country side feel at home and do not have any inferiority complex. We in Pakistan are really empathetic.

So living in Pakistan is a blessing, because no other country makes a roller coaster ride out of a human’s life. My message, if you don’t love roller coasters, you are not made for Pakistan. And if you do not live in Pakistan, you definitely are not blessed enough.


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