Had she been alive, she could not have endured my wrath. She loved to talk, I would have isolated her from the world. She loved to brag, I woul dhave shut her up. She loved people around her, I would have made her beg for attention.

Now don’ t think I am all evil. I would not, in any case, have deprived her of the basic necessities of life. She would have gotten everything, a house to live, food to eat, clothes to wear. I just would have taken away her strengths, her love to brag, her love for people, her love for attraction.

Who is she? And why would I do that with her? She was someone very close, in relation, not to heart. Why would I be so evil to her? Because I am a human, and when I was helpless, she did all that with me. She took away my social circle, myconfidence in people. She made me feel lost and exerted her negative energy on me. How I remember her cruel eyes? How can I forget that sly smile? How can I forget the hatred written on her face for me?

It is very good for her as well as me that she died before I could plan anything, before I got all blind with my anger, my hatred. I confess I would have been very cruel towards her and would have made her feel all the bitterness she poured in my life. I thank God on saving me from being so cruel so inhumane. Thank you God, for not letting me take my revenge. Thank you.


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