Beep. Beep. Beep. “Welcome home sir. It is 8:15 in the evening. 22 C, humidity level 6%. Your tea is ready and will be presented in 10 minutes in the study. Thank you.”

Beep. Beep. Beep. A kettle fills itself and starts heating water. Tea is added and made as per specifications. 10 minutes later, it is poured into a teacup. The teacup is placed on a tray with some refreshments. The tray travels on a conveyer belt to the study and is placed on a table near a rocking chair.

This is 2020 and everything in this house is controlled by a centralized computer, which has been fed instructions about the lifestyles of various residents. Every task is scheduled and is performed on time, and this has been going on for more than two years.

This technology is a dream come true for the busy residents of this house. Now due to this technology, they recieve their wake-up calls on time, their breakfasts are prepared mostly by the appliances themselves, while rest of the work is done by robots. There are no worries about ironing clothes, cleaning, dusting etc. as all the tasks are performed automatically.


There is no one to benefit from this system. The computer is working without any rest for the past six months, with no one in the house. This house is spotless, clothes are ready to be worn, breakfast is made, presented and removed, doors opened and closed at proper times, water heated and for a bath but in vain. Same is the situation for all the houses in the world.

This is February 2020 and almost all residents of the world have died some six months ago in a major chemical war. Chemicals that were poisonous for the humans but not for the machines were used.

The remaining 50 or so people, like the residents of the house just described have moved out to live in caves and mountains to save their lives. The cities are still not suitable to live and the residents, used to their high tech lifestyles, are living in the stone age like their ancestors.

This is 2020 and people cannot utilize the technology they have worked for and acquired over the years. They have to find food, hunt animals, make fire, find a place to live, and to move around day and night for the sake of their lives.

This is 2020, with a hight tech world and stone age people, with residence for millions and only 50 or so residents, with ready to live homes which are not chemically safe to live. This is 2020…


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